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The Spring and Summer seasons are always exciting and filled with lots of events! Whether it be a graduation, wedding or vacation, we want to look our best!shutterstock_272519627 Botox, fillers and skin care help put your best face forward at these important occasions. As you prepare for any treatment, it is important to know the time line to follow in order to allow these treatments to settle in and take maximum effect.

 Botox or Dysport:

It’s best to allow at least 2 weeks prior to your event for the best result. Many of you may already know it takes about 5-7 days for Botox to begin settling in, however 2 weeks is the maximum effect of this treatment. Dysport typically takes 2-3 days to start seeing results, but maximum effect is usually around 2 weeks as well.


Fillers such as Juvederm, Voluma, Resylane, and Vollure need a little more time before you experience optimal results. Due to the possibility of bruising or swelling, it’s often best to have filler done at least 3-4 weeks prior to any special occasion. Time to heal and recover will allow fillers to take full affect. Swelling generally goes down within a few days, however bruising can linger for a few weeks, depending on the individual. By avoiding NSAID’s (such as ibuprofen or Aleve), aspirin, fish oil and Vitamin E for about 1 week prior to your filler appointment, you can minimize your risk of bruising due to the slight blood thinning properties of these substances.

Skin care treatments and chemical peels:

Optimal result time frame for these can range from a few days to a few weeks to provide the desired glow we all strive for. When preparing for skin care treatments, it is usually best to follow the general rule of avoiding extended sun exposure for at least 10 days prior. This will allow your skin to be in a more appropriate condition for any product application and/or procedure that you may need.

So as you make plans and preparations for all the fun times that the Spring and Summer months offer, don’t forget to prepare for all your fun aesthetic treatments as well!

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