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Obagi’s prescription skin care products are designed to reverse sun damage, resulting in a reduction in age spots, uneven skin tone, wrinkling, discoloration, redness and sagging. The official site for Obagi medical products cites numerous clinical studies which affirm the efficacy of their products in delivering clearer, smoother skin. Condition and Enhance users experienced clinically significant improvements in the appearance of wrinkles and in skin tone.

Condition and Enhance


Condition and Enhance is a line of medical grade skin care products and are designed to increase skin turnover and improve tone and clarity. The Condition and Enhance system is meant to be used as a complete skin care regimen and includes cleanser, toner, clear—a skin-evening product, whose active ingredient is hydroqunine, an exfoliator, sunblock and prescription-strength tretinoin treatment. This line of skin care products is recommended for patients who wish to correct skin pigmentation problems, fine lines, skin clarity and blemishes, acne and photodamage. The packaging for each product indicates the order in which to use it, and the time of day, making the regimen simple to follow.



The Rosaclear system is designed to treat rosacea and consists of a cleanser, hydrator and prescription-strength anti-inflammatory, metronidazole. The Obagi skin care website states that Rosaclear “helps to prevent the progression of the disease, reduce or prevent pustules and pimples, and reduce redness and does not have the skin-rejuvenating benefits of its other products.”


CLENZIderm is Obagi’s line of skin care products for treating acne and can be used on the face, chest and back. The three products in the CLENZIderm system are a cleanser, pore therapy cream and serum treatment gel.clenziderm

The pore therapy cream removes dead skin cells to help unclog pores and promote an overall improvement in skin texture and clarity. The treatment gel contains the active ingredient benzoyl peroxide, which attacks acne-causing bacteria. The Obagi website notes that users should expect redness, dryness and irritation in the beginning stages of treatment, and that improvement will be evident in three to six weeks of consistent use.


Obagi is a skin treatment line with proven skin improvement. First, those with highly sensitive skin may find the products irritating, particularly in the beginning stages of treatment. All patients, even those without excessive sensitivity, should expect some peeling, redness and itching for the first few weeks of use. Additionally, using an Obagi regimen such as Condition and Enhance is a commitment of time and must be used consistently to achieve optimum results.

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