Hello, You Fine Fellow!

Cosmetic makeovers are not just for women. They never really were. The men who sought treatment for aesthetic concerns just kept it under wraps. The blurring of boundaries that is obvious in today’s society has made it possible for the average guy to fess up; to express an interest in looking good and to do something about it. We couldn’t be happier to meet with men from in and around Nashville, Franklin, and Mt. Juliet to discuss anti-aging and cosmetic surgery procedures. Here, we discuss some of the services that interest the modern-day man.


Liposuction is a growing trend among men of all ages. The procedure that removes localized fat deposits from the flanks, thighs, abdomen, chest, arms, and other areas is customized to the individual. There are various modalities that may be incorporated into the liposuction procedure to maximize efficiency and minimize post-operative swelling and bruising. Like our female patients, many men are catching on to the magic that happens when liposuction is combined with the abdominoplasty or the tummy tuck.

Facial Plastic Surgery

Men are deciding that they want to maintain power over their professional and personal image. This can mean that a man turns to blepharoplasty to rejuvenate his face and bring his appearance into alignment with his positive attitude towards life. If you don’t want to live with a permanent scowl, you don’t have to. Blepharoplasty can remove the skin that makes your eyes look heavy, unfriendly, and tired. Face and neck lifting are also popular procedures that help men stay connected with their younger selves. To have a facelift does not mean that your entire face, from chin to hairline, must be altered. This procedure can focus on only the forehead, if you wish, or may extend down to the neck. Like body-shaping procedures, facelifts are performed with your expectations and skeletal structure in mind.

Skin-Saving Treatments

Not every person, man or woman, needs to rely on cosmetic surgery to look and feel great. Many of our patients visit us routinely for non-surgical skin-boosting treatments. These range from injectable wrinkle reducers like Botox and fillers to technologically-advanced skin tightening treatments, such as Ultherapy.

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